STANDARD AD PACKAGE to includes the following:

1. One display ad done by artist with proof sent via e-mail, if requested.

2. All submitted materials, including images, logos, and text for advertising, are assumed to be the property of the provider, and amvideohomeshow (global) Inc. is released from any responsibility for un-intentional copyright infringement.

3. Advertiser agrees and acknowledges that any material he/she submits is their own property or they have obtained permission (from the owner of submitted materials) to use submitted materials specifically for use in their advertising in any display ad published by amvideohomeshow (global) inc has the right to refuse advertising for any reason.

4. amvideohomeshow inc assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for typographical errors in advertisements, but will correct that part of the advertisement containing the error.

5. All claims for errors in advertising must be made within seven days of publishing in writing.

6. In the event an advertiser chooses a video production team, cameraman or a host, and the parties are unavailable for the shoot for any reason, amvideohomeshow (Global) inc shall contact the advertiser and advise them. The parties shall agree on substitutes. As well, video production teams, cameraman or hosts shall not be obligated to shoot a video or appear in a video farther than 50 miles from advertiser's home office. In the event that the shoot is farther than 50 miles, amvideohomeshow (global) inc. will contact the advertiser and advise them of such. The parties may agree on a surcharge for travel or agree that amvideohomeshow (global) inc. shall utilize a video production team, cameraman and host in the jurisdiction where the video shoot is required.

7. In the event legal action becomes necessary to enforce the provisions of this agreement, amvideohomeshow (global) inc. shall recover all reasonable costs of litigation including attorney's fees. In the event that any sum due under this agreement shall become delinquent, interest shall accrue on the unpaid balance at the rate of 1.5% per month. amvideoclassifeds (global) inc. has the right to cancel this agreement if payment is delinquent.

8. Advertiser does not have the right to cancel this agreement. All sales are final.

9. Advertiser and/or advertising agency assumes responsibility and liability for any and all claims which may arise as a result of advertisements and will protect amvideoclassifeds (global) inc. against any claims arising there from, and also assume all liability for text, illustrations and other content of advertisement.

10. It is agreed that in the event of any court actions taken against the website for any reason, or if through no fault of amvideohomeshow (global) inc. there is an interruption in the website amvideoclassifeds (global) inc.; shall be liable to the advertiser for only those monies paid for advertising.

11. All display ads are consecutive unless otherwise indicated on Contract. amvideohomeshow (global) inc. reserves the right to repeat ad copy if new materials are not received by deadline.

12. If in the event legal action becomes necessary, both parties agree the legal action shall be in the court jurisdiction of amvideohomeshow (global) inc. since the acceptance of the Contract is at the corporate office of amvideohomeshow (global) inc.